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One day when I was watching the harmonized scenery of water and rocks in the Sogeumgang, I imagined a world where all different people could get along well while keeping their individual natures. My reaction to this scene has influenced my life and my artistic pursuit.

In my work, the trace of stains shows the hardness of the rocks and the smooth flows absorbing and spreading on the paper displays the softness of the water. It symbolizes the dichotomy between opposites such as yin and yang, birth and death. Using overlapping and variations with the composition of the Oriental landscape, I express the essence of nature that is changing, repeating and circulating.

I mainly use traditional Korean papers, 'Han-ji' in my work. It creates a delicate and subtle flow of Oriental energy called 'Ki' throughout the piece. I also add the sensitivity of the color blue into the paintings. Through the work, I explore the Korean contemporary aesthetic sense.

I hope that people respect each other and understand that some individual emotions can’t be expressed in any language. I feel a framework for peace can be created through this dichotomy. Also, I hope my work conveys an optimistic life. A life where all people, regardless of color or creed can live in harmony.

  - Noh, Wonhee

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